Kathryn Hahn: "There Was Definitely a 'Best Friend' Chapter to My [Career]" | 'I Love Dick' | Comedy Actress Roundtable

"I was constantly the quirky best friend to various blonde stars."

"It's tricky to have your child come up to you and be like, "You working on Dick today, Mom?" Like, just so casual," Kathryn Hahn of I Love Dick joked to The Hollywood Reporter during the Comedy Actress Roundtable.

In addition to living with her salacious show title, Hahn said the most embarrassing experience she ever had was during a sex scene, "wearing one of those modesty patches."

"I could feel that it had shifted significantly to the left. And I could only imagine the POV of my co-star."

Hahn continued to discuss the "Best Friend" period of her career, saying, "Judy Greer and I both had been playing best friends at the same, always neck and neck for the same best-friend parts, and my husband was like, "You guys should do, like, a Rosencrantz and Guildenstern-type movie where it's the best friends, and every so often you see Kate Hudson running around [in the background]."

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