Kathryn Ireland Previews Lindsay Lohan 'Million Dollar Decorators' Episode

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Kathryn M. Ireland

"She wanted to be a little girl, something that she's probably missed, something she hasn't had her whole life," the Bravo star says about the actress' design taste.

On Tuesday's season finale of Bravo's Million Dollar Decorators, Kathryn M. Ireland takes on designing Lindsay Lohan's new home, a redesign that reportedly cost nearly $200,000 to decorate the cottage-style house in Beverly Hills. Ireland transformed the space with light tones, pink accents with a French and feminine style. She talked with The Hollywood Reporter about how it was working with the actress on her new home.

The Hollywood Reporter: What did you think of Lindsay's design taste?

Kathryn M. Ireland: We totally have the same taste. She came to my house and told me she wanted a bedroom just like mine. She loved my sense of color, my slightly unorthodox mixing of pattnerns, colors and antiques. Her design was very French and feminine. She wanted to be a little girl, something that she's probably missed, something she hasn't had her whole life. There's a sweetness about her. We had already given her a design presentation, and I very quickly get to know what my clients like. You get on the same page.

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THR: You two ended up picking the same hardwood floor to start the project.

Ireland: Yeah, we had a really good laugh when that happened. When I described what we were going to do, we knew we wanted white washed floors. Very French.

THR: In the episode you mention the "new Lindsay." How did this thinking play into designing her house?

Ireland: From the house she chose, I think she was really ready to grow up and move to a place where she could start entertaining at home, which is clearly a good idea rather than going out at night. I think this is what she wanted in her new life, to have this slightly more sophisticated environment. She was finally growing up.

THR: How did having her be part of an episode come about?

Ireland: We met at a dinner, and we hit it off and became friends. I didn't even know it was Lindsay Lohan. She came up to me and said what a huge fan she was and said I was her favorite on the show. She told me she was getting a house and would love for me to look at it. I told her we were shooting a season right now, and they said Lindsay would be more than happy to be on the show.

THR: The shooting of the episode coincided with Lindsay's car accident. How did you react to that news?

Ireland: I was busy installing her house, so of course it was very close to me. She's not that much older than my oldest son, so it was a maternal instinct.

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THR: And she texted you from the stretcher to come to the hospital.

Ireland: It was a little cry for help. I think that she has been abused in many relationships, so when she asked for me to come, of course I can come. I was there putting together her house for her, and quite honestly had a very close relationship with her over the course of months. I went to the hospital and was outside waiting to go in and see her. She had her lawyers who asked what I was doing there, and I said, you know what, I actually care about her.

THR: Were you disappointed she wasn't there for the final reveal of her house?

Ireland: Of course it's disappointing, but it wasn't like she didn't show. She had an accident. You've probably seen what the car looked like. It was really cute when she did finally come see it that weekend. I got a text from her with her reaction. "I can't believe this is my house. I'm in tears. Thank you." It was all worthwhile. So I have this lovely note from her. And we still text each other. She'll send me "Happy Christmas" and "love you."

The season finale of Million Dollar Decorators premieres Tuesday, Jan. 8 at 10 p.m. on Bravo.