Kathy Griffin Fires Back at A&E's 'Hoarders' in New Emmy Campaign Ad (Exclusive)

Kathy Griffin Emmy Nominated Bravo Poster - P 2011

Kathy Griffin Emmy Nominated Bravo Poster - P 2011

Bravo's reality star responds to the network's use of her quotes touting her competitor for best reality program.

Kathy Griffin is firing back at A&E, which used her quotes to promote its reality show Hoarders in an Emmy campaign ad.

Last month, A&E debuted a print ad for Hoarders -- which is nominated in the reality program category alongside Bravo's Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List -- that used boldfaced quotes from Griffin touting the A&E show.

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The blurbs included "My favorite new show," "I'm obsessed with Hoarders" and "Hoarders is so f#*@ing fantastic!" -- all with Griffin's name's printed underneath.

In fact, Griffin regularly mentions her obsession with the A&E show and has even talked about it in her stand-up specials that have aired on Bravo.

But, as you might expect, she's not ready to let the ad go without a response.

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Bravo is set to unveil its own Emmy campaign ad for D-List on Friday in which Griffin is shown surrounded by stacks upon stacks of newspapers and magazines with the lines, "Quoting me in an Emmy ad? Bravo, Hoarders. BRAVO."

For her part, Griffin told The Hollywood Reporter in an exclusive statement why Emmy voters should award her the statuette over her A&E competitor.

"I went to Wasilla, knocked on Sarah Palin's door with Levi Johnston, marched on Washington to repeal DADT ['Don't Ask, Don't Tell'], had a pelvic exam on camera, entered the underground world of toddler pageants (where I am still the reigning Little Miss Mature Lady Grand Supreme BTW) and got acting lessons from Liza f---ing Minnelli," she said. "Hoard that, bitches!"

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This marks Hoarders' first Emmy nom in the reality program category and Griffin's sixth. D-List previously won the award in 2007 and again the following year.

Also nominated in the category are CBS' Undercover Boss, Discovery's Deadliest Catch and Mythbusters and PBS' Antiques Roadshow.