Katie Couric Gets Involved in Obesity Documentary

Michael Yarish/FOX

She has no formal role in the feature film, but that could change.

With one foot already out the door at CBS Evening News, Katie Couric is actively expanding her resume.

In addition to a likely syndicated show as well as other news opportunities, a production company and a potential portal relationship, Couric is throwing her support behind Tapped filmmakers Stephanie Soechtig and Jason Lindsey and their feature documentary about obesity. According to one source familiar with the situation, Couric currently has no formal role in the film, though that is subject to change.

Her relationship with Soechtig dates back to an interview done last July for her online series, @KatieCouric, where the pair, along with International Bottled Water Association CEO Joe Doss, talked about the questions of safety surrounding bottled water, the subject of Tapped.

Meantime, Couric is on the circuit promoting her new book, The Best Advice I Ever Got: Lessons From Extraordinary Lives. Tomorrow’s stop includes a segment on the Today show, where she’ll reunite with her former co-host Matt Lauer, whose potential departure from his morning show post in late 2012 has given the media even more to talk about.