Katie Couric: 'I Haven't Made a Decision'

She dodges questions about her future as anchor of “CBS Evening News”; admits, "I'm looking at all sorts of opportunities."

Katie Couric dodged numerous questions from Barbara Walters about her future as anchor of the CBS Evening News during an appearance on Tuesday morning on ABC's The View.

"Will you finally confirm that you're leaving?" Walters asked Couric, who was promoting her new book, The Best Advice I Ever Got.
"No," she replied. "First of all, I don't think it's my place to do that. I haven't made a decision. I respect you wanting to ask the question and make news on The View, but I'm not in a position to discuss it at this time."
Asked about plans to host a syndicated show, Couric (now working on a documentary about obesity) said, "I'm looking at all sorts of opportunities."
On the show, Couric defended her tenure as anchor, even though the nightly news program has slipped into third place.
"Six and a half million people watch every night. ... That's a very big audience," Couric said. "...I did my best, I continue to do my best."
Even when she was on the Today show, Couric said, "I was never a ratings-obsessed person. I focused on the quality of the work. ... I think it's top-notch. "