Katie Couric and Matt Lauer Joke About Rumors on 'Today'

"It's so weird to be here in this role, but it's great to see you," Couric says, adding that she's considering a move to daytime TV because of the “creative freedom."

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NEW YORK - In her return to the set of Today, Katie Couric confirmed in a conversation with Matt Lauer that she is indeed considering a move to daytime TV. Without committing to specific future plans, she emphasized that she really hasn't made up her mind, but is in the middle of figuring things out.

“What might appeal to me is just the creative freedom to pick subjects and really dig deep," she said about a potential syndicated daytime show. "It might be nice to have a little more wiggle room to show my personality."

Lauer first brought up the issue by asking his former co-host if she had heard any good rumors. "No, have you?," she replied playfully.

She then said Barbara Walters had also recently tried to get more out of her on The View.

Couric started off the interview, which mainly focused on her book The Best Advice I Ever Got, by commenting on the reunion with her former Today partner. "It's so weird to be here in this role, but it's great to see you," she told Lauer.