Katie Couric: New ABC Show Will Be Like 'Oprah'

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

“Creatively, it's such an exciting challenge for me," she says.

After chatting with The Hollywood Reporter, Katie Couric continued her press tour Monday following her announcement that she will host a daytime TV show for ABC in September 2012.

“It’s gonna be topical, it’s gonna be live, you know, hopefully it will deal with various issues,” she told Jay Leno during an interview Monday.

"It'll be sort of a little bit of what Oprah did," she added, according to UsMagazine.com. "Obviously, no one can ever fill Oprah's shoes, but some of the things that she did on her show, some of the things we used to do on the Today show."

Couric told Leno she is "really looking forward” to the show because “creatively, it's such an exciting challenge for me and I think I'm better at interacting and talking to people and synthesizing complicated subjects -- I hope -- and you know doing interviews that require some empathy.”

Anchoring the CBS Evening News, she said, it “was hard to do that in that very structured format."

Couric, who is scheduled to appear on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live! Tuesday, previously told THR that her upcoming show “will be serious at times, obviously informative and fun. Really, a mixture of things we hope people will be interested in. It’s not going to be a news show, but we’ll be talking about the news and issues that I think people care about, whether it’s bullying or the effect technology has on our kids. It might be a profile of a navy seal after Osama Bin Laden has been killed; it might talk about women in the military and some of the stresses they experience in reentry with their families.”

Asked if she had any dream guests in mind, she told THR, “Not yet, I don’t want to say because I don’t want to be disappointed if I’m not able to snag them. I think there is no shortage of fascinating people to talk to -- and I’m not talking about big, famous people, I’m talking about everyday people who are going through different travails. There are so many people doing extraordinary things in this world – who have started foundations, who have started schools. Those are stories that if given enough time and told well are important; and I think people want to celebrate the incredible things that others are doing out there. I want this show to provide an outlet that can highlight these kinds of people and the work that they’re doing and inspire people to maybe do things in their own communities.”