Katie Couric Signs Off 'CBS Evening News' for Last Time (Video)

"I have taken the privilege of being the first solo woman anchor seriously," she tells her audience Thursday.

Katie Couric ended her final CBS Evening News broadcast by talking about how it all began five years ago.

On Thursday's show, she mentioned that in her first broadcast as anchor of the program, she ended by saying she wasn't sure exactly how to end the broadcast, not knowing what her sign-off should be.

She cited such memorable sign-offs as Edward R. Murrow's "Good night and good luck" and Walter Cronkite's "And that's the way it is" and even quipped that she had thought about using Ron Burgundy's (Will Ferrell) "Stay classy, San Diego" from the movie Anchorman. [Watch the video below.]

"In the end, it felt more comfortable and more me to just say, 'Thanks for watching,'" she said Thursday. "My sign-off won't be in the history books like Walter's, but I'm grateful my 'sign-on' may be. I have taken the privilege of being the first solo woman anchor seriously, with some serious help from the entire team here at CBS News."

She went on to thank the staff for five years "of the best storytelling in the business" before closing the show: "So after struggling with the closing line yet again, I decided the last page of this notebook should end the way it all began. I'm Katie Couric. Thanks for watching. Good night."

Couric, who confirmed her long-rumored departure last month, is developing a daytime talk show with Jeff Zucker, her former boss at NBC/Today.

Her executive producer Rick Kaplan also departed the show Thursday.

Couric will be replaced by Scott Pelley, who starts June 6. Patricia Shelvin has been named the show's new executive producer.