Katie Couric Not Keen on Having Snooki on Her Show

Katie Couric Portrait Blue - P 2012
Disney-ABC Domestic TV/Michael O’Neill

Katie Couric Portrait Blue - P 2012

The broadcasting icon said the "Jersey Shore" star is "cute and everything," but Amanda Knox and Kate Middleton are bigger gets for her upcoming syndicated talker.

TORONTO -- Don't expect Katie Couric to invite Snooki onto her upcoming syndicated talk show.

Even with the Jersey Shore star on birth watch.

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“I don’t think I’m necessarily going to have Snooki,” Couric told reporters Tuesday in Toronto as she talked up Katie, which will air in Canada on the Citytv network starting Sept. 10.

“I like [Snooki], and she’s cute and everything, and I think it’s funny that people find her interesting," Couric added. "That’s great. But that’s probably not going to be first and foremost on our show."

Not that the former Today and CBS Evening News anchor is a snob about pop culture.

“If for some reason something huge happens on Jersey Shore, and something huge happens on Kim Kardashian, I’m not above talking about things people are interested in," she insisted. "All different topics can be done well."

But the who TV veteran who has interviewed everyone from Yasser Arafat to Tom Cruise said her biggest get might be Amanda Knox.

“That would be a huge get, but that’s very competitive,” she said of the young American whose murder conviction in Italy was overturned late last year.

Kate Middleton would be pretty nice to have on our show,” Couric added.

And there’s an open invitation for Sarah Palin to come on her show, but Couric’s not certain the former Alaska governor and U.S. vice presidential candidate will take up the offer.

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“I don’t know if [Palin would] be willing to come on the show," she said. "I think it would be interesting to talk to her now that time has passed and she may have a different perspective."

After being tapped as the running mate for GOP presidential nominee John McCain in 2008, Couric conducted a series of interviews with Palin on CBS during which the candidate famously failed to name any newspapers she read and said Alaska's close proximity to Russia qualified her as having experience in foreign policy.

Said Couric of a possible do-over with Palin, “I would ask her why she answered the way she answered.”