Katie Couric's New Talk Show: Domain Names Hint at Title

Katie Couric - Late Night Show w Jay Leno - 2011
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Couric and her new ABC bosses have not announced a show name, but two website URLs that her PR team purchased offer cues.

Katie Couric's secret is out, with the former CBS news personality revealing early Monday that she is launching a daytime talk show with ABC. 

Over the course of the day, Couric disclosed the launch date (September 2012), the focus (topical, informative and entertaining) and the types of interviews she's hoping to do (hint: they range from bullying victims to political men who "can't keep it in their pants"). In fact, the only thing that she and her new Disney bosses seemed to keep under wraps is the name of the new show. 

Now, the actions of her PR team may offer some clues. Hiltzik Strategies, lead by Couric publicist Matthew Hiltzik, has purchased the domain names for both TheKatieCouricShow.com and KatieTVShow.com. Plug in either URL and you are taken to Go Daddy placeholders -- for now.

Asked to clarify, Hiltzik tells The Hollywood Reporter, "Katie's enjoying the day and is excited to be back at ABC. There's plenty of time to decide the name of the show."