Katie Couric's New Talk Show Title Sparks Backlash on Twitter, Facebook

"Wow. I wonder how long they worked on this title?" writes one Twitter user of "Katie."

Many people were underwhelmed with the news that Katie Couric's upcoming talk show will simply be called Katie.

The show's title and key art, featuring the tagline "The Opportunity Begins September 6th," were unveiled Monday for the show, which premieres on ABC in fall 2012.

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But the news was met with less-than-enthusiastic responses from commenters on Twitter and Facebook.

Among the tweets:

Joe Strupek
Wow. I wonder how long they worked on this title?

Bernard Gershon
Wow! Did they have to pay [brand consultants] Landor 500k to come up w that?

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I literally hate sharing a name with this woman.

Jason Whittaker
When *I* get my own daytime TV talk show I'll probably have a more imaginative name than "Jason". Just saying.

Katie Couric Talk Show Will Be Called....wait for it.... 'Katie'

Dustin Smith
GASP! What a twist. RT @THR: Katie Couric Talk Show Will Be Called 'Katie'

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Still others weighed in on The Hollywood Reporter's Facebook page:

Michele R. Scott
Now that took DEEP THOUGHT!

Tim Anderson
Hope they focused group that one.

Mus Mus
Dare I ask how long it took her to come up with this?

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Chad Milburn
Katie. Conan. Conan. Katie. Letterman has new material if he ever hosts the Oscars again.

Natalie Morgan
How original.

Yolanda Hawkins
And here I thought it would be called "The Yesterday Show".

Nancy Queenofsheba
Nauseatingly unoriginal. I never watched her on the news so I won't be watching her little show.

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Peter Bohush
If she had called it "Oprah" it might have a chance.

Christiana Crabill
Wow! Great name! How long did that take you???

Vic Livingston
Why not?