'Don't Be Afraid of the Dark's' Katie Holmes Reveals What Scares Her


Writer/director Guillermo del Toro jokes "Politicians… a lot. They are so deranged, especially these days."

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise were so afraid after screening her new film Don't Be Afraid of the Dark, they had to watch another movie before going to bed.

"I'm not sure what he watched. Maybe The Sound of Music?" jokes Holmes in an interview with Reuters to promote the movie, which hits theaters on Friday.

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Writer/director Guillermo del Toro interjects: "I think it was that Adam Sandler comedy, [You] Don't Mess With The Zohan.'

Holmes says she likes "classic horror films. But I'm not a big slasher, gory type of horror film fan."

Del Toro says he's proud that "the movies I've tried to produce, write and direct, I'm very proud to say as far as I can remember I've never written a female victim, a scream queen or a part like that. I always try to create very strong female characters, in many cases stronger than the guys. Certainly in Don't Be Afraid."

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Holmes also found a personal connection in the horror flick, in which she protects her daughter. She is mother to Suri, 5.

"I think being a mom myself, when I read my character and I saw the journey she takes and how we see her make sacrifices for her child -- I think I didn't understand that until I became a mom," she says. "Just how much you love this person. You will do anything for that person, and you have strength you didn't know that you had, which is what I like about my character. So I think that being a mom definitely gave me much more insight to this character."

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So what scares Holmes and Del Toro?

"People who like to take the wind out of your sail because there's a lot more they're doing. If they're doing that to your face then they're doing more. So that scares me more than, like, a monster," says Holmes.

Jokes Del Toro, "Politicians -- a lot. They are so deranged, especially these days. And human pettiness. Oh my God that's scary. It's so horrifying. I've seen a UFO, and I've heard ghosts twice -- once in New Zealand and once in Mexico, but those are not the scariest things. The scary things are real things like every day."