Katy Perry: 5 Most Surprising Covers (Video)

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

From James Blunt to Phish, Katy Perry’s appeal seems to be universal.

Search for a Katy Perry Cover on YouTube and countless results will be flooded your way. From talented kids on pianos, to a mustached man in a purple wig surfing through chatroulette to the tune of “Peacock,” there is no shortage of Perry impersonators.

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The pop-tart has also earned a few surprising fans in the music business, as well.

We’ve all seen the Glee covers, but The Hollywood Reporter has dug up five slightly more surprising takes on her hit singles, including a metal version of “Hot N’ Cold.”

James Blunt puts an acoustic spin on her infections hit, “California Gurls.”


In the Billboard Mashup Mondays series, Yellowcard covers “E.T.” for a punk-meets-pop rendition.


At a 2009 show in Saratoga, New York, psychedelic rockers Phish worked Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl” into their live set.


In possibly the most unexpected cover, Woe, is Me covered “Hot N Cold” at the 2011 Warped Tour. Their hardcore version comes along with some NSFW banter with the crowd.


Arkansas based Bluegrass band The Cleverlys tried their hand at “I Kissed a Girl,” as well. The family based group often puts their spin on Top 40 hits, and other artists covered include Fergie, Metallica and Travie McCoy.