Katy Perry Becomes the First Person to Hit 90 Million Twitter Followers

Katy Perry - Getty - H 2016
Getty Images

Katy Perry - Getty - H 2016

The artist retains her crown as the most-followed person on Twitter with the milestone.

Singer Katy Perry, already the most-followed person on Twitter, officially hit 90 million followers on Friday, becoming the first to reach that milestone on the site. 

Falling just ahead of Taylor Swift (79 million) and Justin Bieber (83.9 million), Perry's account was hacked in May, tweeting out offensive language with #HackersGonnaHack. At the time she had 89 million followers. 

Twitter celebrated Perry's milestone on Friday — how else? — with a tweet, saying, "we're gonna need a really big dance floor."

See Perry's five most retweeted posts (often involving the devoted fan bases of One Direction and Justin Bieber) below.