Katy Perry Rocks Matching Green Hair and Eyeliner in New Covergirl Ad

In honor of the singer's latest campaign, celebrity stylist Sunnie Brook passes on tips for mastering matching locks and makeup.

Katy Perry is no stranger to brightly colored hair, and her latest ad for Covergirl is the ultimate proof. In it the singer’s locks are dyed a stunningly bold shade of emerald green, and her eyeliner matches perfectly.

The ad is for Covergirl’s new Super Sizer Mascara, but legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath (who works runways from Givenchy to Valentino and models like Karlie Kloss and Kendall Jenner) also used dramatic Intensify Me! eyeliner and colorful Covergirl shadow quads in the eye-catching look. One thing is for sure — this look is not for wallflowers. “It’s such a graphic, clean statement and draws attention to how beautiful her eye color and shape are — fun, fun,” says celebrity hairstylist and beauty blogger Sunnie Brook.

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Key to creating an alluring matchy-matchy hair and eye combo at home is keeping the rest of the makeup neutral, says the stylist to Abigail Spencer and Imagine Dragons. “If your hair color is the hero of your look, you are going to want to play down the rest of you makeup. Going for liner is cool, but opt for a nude or natural lip,” she says. “Too much punch in your overall makeup and hair look can appear too overdone and cartoony.”

Brook goes on to tell Pret-a-Reporter that shades in the green, blue and purple families tend to work best for matching eye makeup to one’s hair. “They tend to be flattering for the eye color, have enough density in color to shape the eye, and be vibrant enough to be seen,” she says. Paler hair and makeup colors tend to work and show up better on darker skin tones, says the stylist, who also says she’s seen punchy orange or pink hair done well with a matching neon liner.

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When selecting a color, Brook says it’s important to know what your skin’s undertones are — warm or cool. “That will help determine which shade will flatter your skin, and then you can push the envelope a bit more and add on the liner to enhance your look.” And application is also something to consider. “Think about where you’re applying it — it might go well layered with a black liner, or just added onto the ends of your eyes as a wing,” says Brook. “It all depends on your eye shape and what you want to highlight or hide.”