Watch Katy Perry's Music Video for Rio Olympics Anthem "Rise"

Katy Perry Rise Video Screenshot H 2016

The singer dropped the video for her latest single — which she debuted at the Democratic National Convention — just one day ahead of the opening ceremony.

Katy Perry dropped the music video for her latest single, the NBC Olympics anthem "Rise," on Thursday, just one day ahead of the Rio Olympics opening ceremony that is set to kick off Aug. 5.

In the video, Perry struggles with an inner battle as she tries to take flight while strapped to a billowing parachute.

"I won’t just survive / Oh, you will see me thrive / Can’t write my story / I’m beyond the archetype," the lyrics say.

Perry first performed the powerful track at the Democratic National Convention on July 28, dedicating the song to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. 

The singer previously released an Olympics version of the video with footage of gymnasts, soccer players, swimmers and other athletes provided by NBC. NBC Olympics announced "Rise" would be the recurring anthem played during its coverage of the global sporting event.  

Watch the new video, followed by Perry's DNC performance of the song, below.