Katy Perry mocks 'Sesame Street' flap on 'SNL'

Episode helps 'SNL's' ratings increase 15% over last year

Katy Perry may not be welcome on "Sesame Street," but her appearance sure didn't hurt the ratings for "Saturday Night Live."

Musical guest Perry and host Amy Poehler headlined the 36th season premiere of the NBC late-night comedy show last night.

The episode delivered a 5.3 overnight household rating, up 15% from last year. Some thought the choice of former cast-member and "Parks & Recreation" star Poehler was a too-safe in-house choice for the show, but clearly fans were ready to see her back on the show.

Excluding the 2008 premiere (boosted by interest in that year's Presidential election and featuring a guest appearance by Tina Fey as Gov. Sarah Palin), last night's "SNL" was the highest-rated opening for the series since 2006 (host Dane Cook, musical guest The Killers).

On the "SNL" episode, Perry spoofs her recent "Sesame Street" controversy.
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