Coachella 2014: Katy Perry Says Selfies Are a Disease

Katy Perry Coachella Selfie - H 2014
Rony's Photo Booth/ Domain

#Selfies -- they're not for everyone.

The selfie might be a favorite pastime for, uh, pretty much anyone with Instagram (or anyone with any kind of photographic device, for that matter). But at Coachella on Friday, we learned at least one high-profile entertainer isn't a fan of the popular activity: Katy Perry.

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After posing for photos inside a teepee at Harper Bazaar's private Shop Bazaar pool party at the Parker Palm Springs on Friday, the "Dark Horse" singer was asked to take a solo selfie after being handed a camera by a partygoer. Perry initially refused, offering a slight rant against the social-media practice, but ultimately relented when said partygoer agreed to be in the shot, too. Shortly after, the performer took to Twitter to express her thoughts on the matter. 

The green-haired pop star, who arrived with stylist Johnny Wujek (one of The Hollywood Reporter's 25 Most Powerful Stylists of 2014), sported an Opening Ceremony top, garage-sale sourced shorts, pink Repetto flats and a black Chanel backpack from of-the-moment New York boutique, VFiles. Wujek told Pret-a-Reporter that he didn't style Perry for the day. 

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As for the rest of the debauchery-filled weekend, Perry said she didn't have a special agenda. "I'm just going with the flow," she told Pret-a-Reporter, leaving the early evening bash shortly after browsing flowy Tibi dresses, so-ugly-they're-chic Birkenstocks and green-onyx and gold Satya rings from's temporary brick-and-mortar incarnation. "I don't have a schedule."