Katy Perry Talks Super Bowl Performance: "It's Going to Be Flaming Hot"

AP Images

In a press conference on Thursday, the pop singer revealed details about her halftime performance and "flaming hot" opening costume.

Katy Perry will take the stage for Sunday's much-anticipated Super Bowl halftime show. She unveiled details about her performance on Thursday, which she says will involve heat, a lion and sharks.

The singer opened up to reporters at a Super Bowl press conference about the show, poking fun at the recent allegations brought against the New England Patriots that they deflated game balls. "I don't think I'm so much of an expert on the game of football, but I think I can assure everyone in here that nothing in my performance will be deflated."

When asked about what she will be wearing, Perry played coy: "All I'll say about my opening costume is that it's going to be flaming hot — not the Cheeto."

But perhaps the most shocking snippet the "Roar" singer disclosed is the animal — and large fish – that will make halftime tuner-outers be "Wide Awake." 

"I will tell you that I think I'm probably the only person in Super Bowl halftime history that will ever bring both a lion and sharks to the show." Though unclear if the supposed lion and shark will be a part of the show, the singer sounded serious when announcing the news.

Lenny Kravitz will also join Perry on the halftime stage.

Super Bowl XLIX will air on Feb. 1 at 3:30 p.m. on NBC.