VMAs Host Katy Perry References 'Handmaid's Tale' and the Apocalypse

"Even in the apocalypse we deserve a great soundtrack."

After descending to the MTV Video Music Award stage in her spacesuit, host Katy Perry walked over to a wardrobe rack to pick out a new outfit. She spoke about how things on Earth were a bit complicated when she left but the audience looked peaceful now that she'd returned.

Looking through the rack, Perry pulled out the red dress and white bonnet costume from The Handmaid's Tale. She asked if the outfit was Balenciaga and held it up to the audience. "Very retro-pilgrim, it's super cool." 

The singer added that it seemed like things are getting better in 2017, especially in fashion. Then a woman dressed up in a handmaid's outfit stepped onto the stage and gave her a copy of today's newspaper that said the world is on fire. "How the fuck are you coping right now?" asked Perry. The handmaid walked out and gave the singer a fidget spinner.

"Even in the apocalypse we deserve a great soundtrack," said Perry, introducing the show.