Katy Perry Wears a Furry Face Mask in Tokyo

Katy Perry in Tokyo on April 24.

Maybe she was trying to fit in?

Never one to settle for any ordinary outfit on the carpet, during a performance or while she's out and about, Katy Perry may have outdone herself with her latest accessory. The pop star was spotted on Friday in a furry surgical-like cartoon face mask while walking around Tokyo, where she's currently performing for her Prismatic world tour.

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Though it's not uncommon for folks in Asian countries to wear surgical masks in public for health or climate reasons, it's unclear whether the singer wore it for those same reasons. Perry — who completed her schoolgirl look with braided ponytails, a white short-sleeved collared shirt and pleated skirt  — was also seen wearing another mask in black the day before. Cultural appropriation or bold fashion statement? We'll let you decide.