Katy Perry's New Album Will Feature Darker Music Like Her Grammy Song, 'Part of Me'

Mikael Jansson/Interview Magazine

The singer will take aim at Russell Brand with songs on her extended "Teenage Dream" album due out this month.

Katy Perry is going to a darker place in her music, perhaps to exorcise a certain demon named -- shall we guess? -- Russell Brand.

The former brightly colored "California Gurl" pop singer posed for an uncharistically moody, unsmiling black and white photo shoot for Interview, including a series of burlesque-inspired shots inside the mag.

On the cover, she looks almost unrecognizable -- more like Megan Fox then herself -- with thick cat eye liner, a teased Amy Winehouse-style beehive, a studded sparkly bra, black elbow length globes and long dangling earrings.

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Inside Perry talks to Kristen Wiig about how her recent break-up will affect the songs she now writes and performs. She says: ‘Well, my music is about get real f---king dark. I'll be shoe-gazing. You'll never see my face because my hair is in my face.’"

We could have predicted after seeing her angry Grammy growl in "Part of Me," which sounded inspired by her breakup with Brand.

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 "You're not gonna break my soul," Perry sang. "Your love was cheap, was always tearing at the seam. I feel deep and you let me down. But that was then and this is now."

She also sang almost directly to Brand: "You can keep the diamond ring. It don't mean nothing anyway. In fact you can keep everything. Yeah, yeah, except for me." 

That track will be on the extended version of Teenage Dream, set for release, March 13.

Hey, writing about creepy ex beaus seems to work just out fine for Taylor Swift