Katzenberg: 3D coming to homes

DreamWorks Animation CEO touts new technology

Apparently, Jeffrey Katzenberg's passion for 3D films in theaters can be matched only by his enthusiasm for 3D movies in homes.

The CEO of DreamWorks Animation said sports and gaming will be a catalyst for driving 3D into the living room. Monitors are shipping now and will be in stores by early next year.

The technology, he said Friday at Fortune magazine's Brainstorm: Tech conference, is "so far beyond" what it was just nine months ago.

Onstage with Katzenberg was Hewlett-Packard chairman and CEO Mark Hurd, who said of 3D in homes, "We need content."

In the beginning, Katzenberg said consumers will require special glasses but that autostereo displays will negate that need "in a handful of years."

A growing popularity for next-generation DVD players is another driver. "Blu-ray is a fantastic platform for 3D," Katzenberg said.

He also gave props to Disney for "Up," a 3D film he "loved."