KBI, MDA ink for high-def troika


SEOUL, South Korea -- The Korean Broadcasting Institute and the Media Development Authority of Singapore have announced an arrangement to co-produce three high-definition TV projects for international distribution.

The three projects will look at lifestyle and culture -- examining women in major cities, youth culture and important festivals around Asia. The participants will contribute $100,000 a piece toward each of the three projects.

"Partnering with Singaporean producers via MDA will provide great opportunities for the Korean producers," KBI CEO Yu Gyun said. "The high-quality talents from both countries will help to produce Asian content that can reach the global audience with confidence."

"We are delighted to partner with KBI in this creative and meaningful collaboration between the two countries," MDA chief executive Christopher Chia said. "With the expertise and experience of Singapore and Korean producers in producing and distributing HD programs, I am confident that the projects selected will be of their best production standards and suited for audiences in other parts of the world."

Sitting in Pictures, Upside Down Concepts and Big Communications are the three Singapore-based production companies involved in the deal. Digital Plus, Media Special and Creo Contents comprise the Korean side.

All three projects were originally conceived to be single, one-hour programs but, with the support from the KBI and MDA, organizers are now considering expanding the shows.

The KBI and MDA signed a memorandum of understanding at the Shanghai TV Festival on June 18. Since then, the MDA has set up a "Korea Hour" HD slot on Singapore television and the KBI organized an HD workshop at the television market and trade show in Seoul in August.

The KBI is a public institute sponsored by the Korean government to support the broadcasting industry and provide market analysis, training and policy related research.

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