'Keanu' Red-Band Trailer: 'Key and Peele' Duo Pretend to be Drug Dealers to Retrieve Missing Cat

"We just feed 'em some bullshit about 'New Jack City' and we get Keanu," Peele's character is overheard saying about the effort to get their pet back in the New Line comedy.

Key and Peele may be over but stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele aren't done sharing the screen, with the duo set to hit movie theaters April 29 in the New Line comedy Keanu.

The red-band trailer for the film debuted online on Thursday. The movie follows two cousins, Clarence and Rell (Key and Peele, respectively), who pretend to be drug dealers to retrieve Rell's stolen kitten, Keanu.

The cat is shown cheering Rell up when it comes into his life while he's distraught over a breakup.

"That's the cutest cat I've ever seen in my life," Key's Clarence says.

But one night the duo return home to discover Rell's apartment has been robbed and Keanu is missing.

They ultimately find that he's being held by a shady, gun-wielding organization, with Method Man starring as one of the group's members.

It seems Key and Peele's characters have to convince the group they're into the same sort of criminal activities.

"I am not breaking the law," Key's Clarence is shown saying.

Peele's Rell is overheard saying: "We just feed 'em some bullshit about New Jack City and we get Keanu."

Cue shoot-outs and chases intercut with scenes of Keanu running past bullets and shrieking in the backseat of a car.

The trailer also features a glimpse of a dreadlocked Will Forte, who plays a low-level pot dealer.

Peele and Alex Rubens wrote the film, which Peele produced with Key and Principato Young Entertainment's Peter Principato and Joel Zadak. Key and Peele director Peter Atencio helmed Keanu.

Jan. 21, 11:58 a.m. An earlier version listed the incorrect release date for Keanu. THR regrets the error.