'Keanu' Remakes Trailer Starring All Cats

Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele get recast in the spoof teaser.

Keanu has found a way to make its kitten-centric story even cuter: adding more cats.

In a spoof trailer released by Warner Bros. called "Kitten, Please," Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele are replaced by even more cats, who play their roles, as well as everyone else's. Peele's slacker character, for example, is replaced by a sweatshirt-wearing gray-and-white cat who laments his cat girlfriend leaving him, with piles of junk food on his cat-sized couch.

Keanu himself even gets recast, with a stuffed animal playing the titular role in the new trailer, though the real film required seven tabby kittens to play the role, director Peter Atencio told The Hollywood Reporter.

In Keanu, Key and Peele's kitten gets stolen by a drug dealer (played by Method Man), and the duo have to pretend to be hardened criminals to get the pet back. The New Line comedy opens April 29.