Kehlmann adaptation gets German funding

$1.7 mil for bestseller adaptation from Filmstiftung NRW

COLOGNE, Germany -- Isabel Kleefeld's adaptation of "Ruhm" (Fame) from best-selling author Daniel Kehlmann ("Measuring the World") received €1.28 ($1.72 million) million in production financing from regional film subsidy body Filmstiftung NRW.

The novel, one of the top ten bestsellers in Germany last year, is a series of nine interconnected stories about people taking on new identities. "Ruhm" is set to begin shooting this September as a co-production between Germany's Little Shark Entertainment, Austria's DOR Film and Switzerland's Hugofilm. The large ensemble cast includes German actors Heino Ferch and Senta Berger.

Another Kehlmann project is currently in development: the drama "Me and Kaminski," which Wolfgang Becker ("Good Bye, Lenin!") will direct with Daniel Bruhl ("Inglourious Basterds") to star.