Keith Ablow Previews 'Inside the Mind of Casey Anthony' (Exclusive)

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Will offer "completely objective" forensic analysis of Casey and her family for book due later in 2011

St. Martin’s Press announced on Monday it would publish Inside the Mind of Casey Anthony , an analysis of the case of the Florida mother acquitted on July 5 in the murder of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee, by forensic psychiatrist and Fox News contributor Keith Ablow. St. Martin’s promise the book before the end of 2011. Ablow talked exclusively with THR about what readers can expect in the book, the similarities to the Scott Peterson case, and what advice he’d give Casey when she gets out of prison.

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In addition to his work on Fox news, Ablow has appeared on Oprah and Larry King Live. He graduated from The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and is the author eleven books and novels, including the New York Times bestselling, Inside the Mind of Scott Peterson and Without Mercy: The Shocking True Story of a Doctor Who Murdered, about a California doctor who killed one of Ablow’s good friends.

Ablow promises Inside the Mind of Casey Anthony will be “completely objective.” He says many people mistakenly assume that this is Casey Anthony’s book. He stressed, “Casey is not my co-author. She’s not profiting from this book. I’m writing this a forensic psychiatrist and journalist. There is no one who is a co-author. I’m not doing anyone’s bidding.”

He adds, “My goal is for people to understand as much as possible about how this little girl disappeared from the face of the earth” and to give readers “more than their gut feeling about things” by using “psychological reasoning as a lens” to explore the death of Caylee Anthony.

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The book will employ a forensic psychological analysis similar to the approach Ablow took in his best selling Inside the Mind of Scott Peterson. “That book explained the death of Lacey Peterson not only by looking at Scott Peterson but also by looking at his whole family and the dynamics and the toxic dynamic intrinsic to that family. I rarely think anyone acts out of primary evil out of the womb.”

Ablow says Inside the Mind of Casey Anthony would also be about more than just Casey by exploring her parents and her family dynamic to explain what happened. “I find that using a forensic psychological perspective and people’s life stories, reaching back to their early years is the best way to do it. Not just for Casey but for other people involved in this trail as well.”

The biography on Ablow’s personal website give insight into this general approach: “We needlessly bury painful truths that, when faced honestly, turn into freeing insights and clear strategies for growth and success. “We all have ‘buried treasure’ just under the surface,” Dr. Ablow asserts. "Once we gather the courage to unearth it, we are rewarded immeasurably for the effort."

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Ablow promises readers will learn something new about the case. “Anyone who believes that he or she already knows everything there is to know about this case or has formed a hard and fast opinion about it will learn something because this particular way of looking at the world and people—a targeted laser beam focus psychological perspective always adds dimensions to the story that people didn’t consider before.”

He thinks the public is interested in the Casey Anthony story because “from a psychological standpoint this is everyone’s worst nightmare. We all as children rely on the nurturance and love of our parents and at some deep unconscious level the most horrible nightmare we could imagine is to be being under the care of someone who not only wishes us ill but wishes us dead.”

Anthony was acquitted of the murder charge but was convicted of four misdemeanor counts of lying to police, and ordered to pay a $4,000 fine. Anthony will be released from jail on July 17.

When asked what advice he might give Casey on her release from prison next week, Ablow said, “If Casey Anthony believes she was sexual abused since age 8 by her biological father and she realized this quite recently I wouldn’t suggest that she reunite with them at all. I would suggest she get a civil attorney and litigate.” But the "best piece of advice” he could offer is that after her release Casey’s “first stop should be with the most talented psychotherapist she can find on the planet. That’s still the gold standard for healing.”

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