Keith Olbermann Calls Canada's Rob Ford 'Worst Person In The World'

Wesley Mann

City police chief William Blair also countered claims Toronto's mayor called 911 emergency operators "bitches" after an unexpected interview with a CBC TV comedy show.

TORONTO – Now Current TV pundit Keith Olbermann has named Toronto Mayor Rob Ford the “worst person in the world” after being ambushed by CBC TV comic Mary Walsh, with cameras rolling.

"Toronto's Rob effing Ford, the mayor of this effing city, today's effing worst person in the effing world,” Olbermann said in his satirical “worst person in the world” segment, as he mocked the Toronto mayor’s obscenity-laced tirade against a 911 emergency operator last week after a confrontation with a This Hour Has 22 Minutes satirical news crew.

The police may not have showed up in time to drive the CBC cameras away, but Ford was rescued Friday by city police chair William Blair as the mayor's Bitchgate affair continues to dominate national headlines.

Blair in a statement said Ford did not call 911 dispatch operators “bitches,” as the CBC News Network reported late last week after citing unnamed police sources.

“I have listened to the three emergency calls. The mayor did not use the word “bitches,” attributed to him by those “several anonymous sources,’” Blair said in a statement.

CBC cited sources that repeated Ford’s apparent rant against a 911 dispatch operator: "You . . . b-----s! Don't you f--king know? I'm Rob f-king Ford, the mayor of this city!"

The media furor over what Ford said, or didn’t say, on the 911 dispatch call followed the mayor being visited at his home last week by This Hour Has 22 Minutes, a popular CBC satirical news show.

Rather than follow the lead of other Canadian politicians and smile broadly as Walsh, dressed as Marg Delahunty Warrior Princess, showered Ford with mock jokes, the mayor silently retreated into his home and rang the police to come to the rescue of himself and his fearful daughter.