Keith Olbermann Leaves Cryptic Messages on Twitter About MSNBC Departure

Keith Olbermann - Portrait Session - 2010
David S. Holloway/Getty Images

The former host, who abruptly stepped down from "Countdown" on Friday, also hints about his next move.

Keith Olbermann has been leaving cryptic messages on his Twitter page since stepping down from his MSNBC show.

Over the weekend, he posted, "W A T C H ______________ T H I S __________S P A C E," according to the New York Post. (He also announced his Baseball Nerd blog returns 2/14.) As the Huffington Post points out, he changed his photo to himself as a young boy at a baseball game.

On Monday morning, the top of his page read, "You might very well think so; I could not possibly comment," which could be referring to the confidentiality clause he signed to not discuss the reasons why he left the network. Related: Conservatives react quietly to his depature.

(The quote could also refer to a BBC drama called House of Cards in which a ruthless politician becomes so obsessed with holding onto power as prime minister that he actually commits multiple murders - and then kills himself. "You might very well think so; I could not possibly comment" is the comment he keeps repeating to a reporter when trying to plant negative stories about rivals.)

According to multiple published reports, he'll continue to be paid his $7 million salary through the fall. The New York Post also says his agreement will keep him offline until next month.

Olbermann is known for posting 20-30 times a day on Twitter.

He briefly suspended his Twitter account in December after he was criticized for an interview with Michael Moore about WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.