Keith Olbermann: Put Brian Williams Back on the Air

AP Images

The ESPN2 anchor tells David Letterman, "I'm very sympathetic to Brian."

Keith Olbermann, who just returned to ESPN2 following his own suspension, wants to see Brian Williams back on the air ASAP.

Olbermann appeared on the Late Show With David Letterman Tuesday, saying, "I'm very sympathetic to Brian. I like Brian. I've known him for 18 years. … The guy who would get the most personally hurt when there was a mistake, a factual error on the air, was Brian Williams."

Olbermann went on to say, "If you combine this with what supposedly happened, there's more to this than we understand. I don't know what it is, but I would like to think it's fixable, and I would like to see him back on the air."

Olbermann argued that Williams' news coverage embellishments, for which the anchor was suspended for six months in February, don't make or break his stories.

Letterman, who referred to Williams as a "mutual friend of ours," added, "One would hope, in this day and age, that this can be overcome for God's sake."