Keith Olbermann Returns to ESPN2 After Suspension, Explains Penn State Tweets

Keith Olbermann - H 2015
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Keith Olbermann - H 2015

"I brought this on myself — this was my fault," the TV host said about the flap that got him pulled from his show for four days.

Keith Olbermann returned to his ESPN2 show Monday with an explanation for the Twitter war that got him suspended for four days.

He began Monday's episode of Olbermann with a segment in which he vowed to no longer take part in social-media "batting practice," which is how he referred to the act of criticizing someone on Twitter without giving much thought to the message.

Olbermann explained that he was suspended for responding with the word "pitiful" to a tweet containing the phrase "We Are..." which he thought was a reference to the Penn State football team but was actually promoting a link about the students' donations for cancer research.

"Since I did a commentary in January slamming part of the Penn State U community that still is prioritizing its football team’s statistics over the awful legacy of Jerry Sandusky, I have periodically been barraged on Twitter by that part of the community and have swung back as hard and as fast and as blindly as possible," Olbermann explained.

"I was not a victim here," the longtime ESPN fixture said. "I brought this on myself — this was my fault." He blamed the flap on his "own stupidity."

"I'm sorry for the Penn State tweets — stupid and immature," Olbermann said, adding that he had tweeted a similar apology last week. He also said that his bosses at ESPN asked him to point out on air that he frequently donates to two cancer charities, St. Jude's Children's Hospital and Make-A-Wish.

He concluded the segment by saying: "For me, batting practice ends, and as quixotic as this may seem to you, I hope you will join me in trying to end it for all of us, so we can get back to what matters."

The segment can be seen below.

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