Keith Olbermann Tells ‘Countdown’ Viewers He Won’t Be Censored

Keith Olbermann - Countdown Ad - 2011

Current TV released a spot ad for Olbermann’s new show, premiering Monday night.

In a spot ad released earlier this week by Current TV, Keith Olbermann previews what viewers can expect Monday night during the premiere of Countdown with Keith Olbermann.

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In the 30-second bit, Olbermann points at how he has had to cater to network executives in the past, and how his new show on Current TV will allow him an uncensored take on the day's headlines.

“For every story there is a flurry of heavily biased, corporate-sponsored spin that can distract even the most engaged viewer,” Olbermann says in the ad—while trying to avoid a graphic attempting to censor him. “And every day we’re all left with a bit less clarity… until now.”

Seemingly Olbermann is referring to networks such as MSNBC, which he exited abruptly in January.

Olbermann spoke in an exclusive interview with The Hollywood Reporter earlier this month, in which he revealed that he has also hired David Shuster as a guest host and his primary substitute anchor. Shuster was suspended from MSNBC last year when it came out that he had taped a pilot for rival CNN.

"It's been fascinating to see the assumption that this is some sort of bizarre move for me," Olbermann tells THR. "I'm better off at some sort of independent place where they not only like what I produce but also trust me to be the one to produce it."

Countdown with Keith Olbermann premieres Monday, June 20, at 8/7c.