Keith Olbermann Twitter Rant: 'Fox News is 100% Bulls--t'

Keith Olbermann - 2010
Donna Ward/Getty Images

The MSNBC anchor rails against the rival network and Bill O'Reilly.

Keith Olbermann had some fighting words for Fox News and Fox News anchor Bill O'Reilly on Wednesday when he called the network "100 bulls--t" and said O'Reilly was full of lies and hate.

Responding to a fellow Twitter user who criticized him for supporting the liberal-slanted website Daily Kos while calling Fox News "slanted," the MSNBC anchor wrote : "Fox News is 100% bullsh-t."

When another user lampooned Olbermann for "whining" and added "Face it, you R NEVER going to beat OReilly in the ratings. You obviously don't have it in you," Olbermann retorted with, "you're right: I don't have as much hate or as many lies in me as O'Reilly."

He enjoyed a happier back and forth with another user who hopped onto Olbermann's "bullsh-t" comment and quipped, "Surely not 100%. Surely it is a rich blend of manure from a wide variety of farm animals."