Keith Olbermann's First Show: Twitter Users React

Keith Olbermann
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The Current TV personality "came out of the gate strong," wrote one viewer, while another complained about his running over into Rachel Maddow's time period on MSNBC.

Keith Olbermann premiered his new Current TV show on Monday night, and viewers took to Twitter to (mostly) express their joy at his being back on the air after a five-month break.

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For his part, Olbermann tweeted a thank-you to his viewers.

"The Countdown @Current staff toasts you, in thanks for your support and your loyalty!" along with this photo.

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Before the show premiered, Countdown's staff noted on Twitter that the hashtag for the debut was #KOPremiere. While that didn't spark a trending topic, several viewers did weigh in while they were watching on everything from the show running long to the set to the graphics.

"#KeithOlbermann came out of the starting gate strong tonight with his Countdown premiere on #CurrentTV," Mitch Hurley wrote. "KO has the Big MO."

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But Kayleigh Anne criticized Olbermann for his show running long into the 9 p.m. hour, the same slot occupied by MSNBC's Rachel Maddow, potentially cutting into her ratings.

"Running over into 9pm & cutting into Maddow is shady. What did it add to the show anyway? Don't put friends in that position," she tweeted.

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And perhaps underscoring a potential issue with viewership, some Twitter users noted they didn't have access to Current TV, which is in 60 million homes via digital tiers vs. MSNBC's 95 million, or had to search where to find it.

"Craving some #KeithOlbermann! Grrr, wish I had @Current TV," wrote Chrysliz, while Ari Goldman added: "Checking out #KeithOlbermann on Current TV (found the channel!)."

Some were just happy Olbermann was back on the air after abruptly departing MSNBC in January.

"Our long (well, 5 month) national nightmare is over...," wrote Derek.

"Watching the new #Countdown show. It's nice to have #KeithOlbermann back," added Robert J. Medrano, while Jarvaris echoed that sentiment: "Watching #KeithOlbermann so cool You have been off air for too long."

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A Twitter user called "Brazenly Liberal" commented on Olbermann's new digs: "I like this Current set better than the old MSNBC set."

Another named Brandon weighed in on the graphics: "The graphics for Countdown's opening are impressive... live graphics, not so much."

A few tweeters sent shoutouts to Current TV co-founder Al Gore.

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Wrote Terry: "Thank U VP Al Gore 4 giving Keith Olbermann a platform. A huge boost 2 the Liberal Community."

Elizabeth Kennen added: "I'm watching #Countdown with my boys. I remind them that @Current tv is owned by Al Gore. We all cheer loudly."

Others missed Olbermann's "special comments" segment.

Added Denise Shelby: "Thank you @algore for giving us Keith back! I love Keith's mimi-Special Comment!"

Morgan J tweeted: "Special comments; how I missed thee."

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Sandy Dover noted that Olbermann seemed to be fitting a lot into the hour: "So far so many topics, why are the Democrats so weak, Thomas should be thrown off the bench."

Added ThatGirlCA: "Keith, you're talking too fast for me to write down your words to quote you! It's been bottled up and it's now spilling out!"

Some tweeters took jabs at Olbermann's former network home.

"So msnbc has @maddow guesting in the 8pm show the night of @CountdownKO debut? Feeling threaten," wrote Rob Skiff.

Meanwhile, another wasn't pleased about his first-show guest Michael Moore, also a contributor to the show.

"For you, Keith, I will suffer through this Moore segment," wrote Rachel Richard.