Keith Richards Comes to the Rescue of U.K. Oldies Station

Courtesy Everett Collection

The Rolling Stones guitarist sent Angel Radio a check for £3,000 (approximately $4,800) to help fix a broken transmitter.

The Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards is showing his appreciation for small U.K. oldies station Angel Radio.

The rocker sent the Isle of Wight station £3,000 (approximately $4,800) to help fix a transmitter that was broken as a result of bad weather in July.

According to The Sun, which confirmed via Richards’ rep that he did indeed make the donation, station staffers first thought the check was a joke. Now that they’ve learned otherwise, director Bev Webster told the paper, “I've written to say thanks. It is so exciting to think he might be a fan."

Angel Radio is a non-profit station that only broadcasts music made before 1969 and promises "snap, crackle but no pop.” It's slogan is "Radio by older people ... for older people." It’s believed that Richards, 67, tunes in regularly.

The station's website notes that technical issues, including a problem with its broadband supplier, is causing some frequencies to go off air, but it continues to broadcast live online