Keith Richards Vents About Mick Jagger in Memoir

Keith Richards, left, and Mick Jagger

'Enraged' by the Rolling Stones singer's domineering personality, the guitarist says the band almost called it quits in the '80s.

Keith Richards' autobiography, Life, isn't scheduled for release until Oct. 26 but is already generating a buzz because of the iconic Rolling Stones guitarist's candid comments about his take on drugs and his chart-topping colleague, Mick Jagger.

During an interview with the BBC's Andrew Marr on Sunday, the 66-year-old musician shared a few stories from his memoir. "Fame is probably a bigger killer than drugs in my game," he lamented while also confessing that heroin and other illegal drugs helped him deal with the band's global touring and immense popularity.
[pullquote] Richards, who co-founded the Rolling Stones in 1962 with longtime pal Jagger, revealed that their famously turbulent relationship almost destroyed the band in the 1980s. He mentioned that the dominant role of the band's frontman "started at first to annoy me and then slowly enraged me" as Jagger took control of the group and began to act as if he was "bigger than the Stones."

The duo have since moved past their disagreements -- "Nobody has the perfect marriage," sums Richards -- and the band is set to release two comprehensive box sets of re-mastered vinyl that trace the Rolling Stones' 40-year recording career. The Rolling Stones 1964-1969 and The Rolling Stones 1971-2005 is set to drop Nov. 23 in the U.S., one day after being released worldwide.

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