Keith Urban sues other Keith Urban


NASHVILLE -- Keith Urban, the country singer, has filed a lawsuit against Keith Urban, the painter from New Jersey, claiming the painter's Web site violates federal trademark laws.

The lawsuit, filed Friday in U.S. District Court, says Keith D. Urban of Wayne, N.J., is using his domain in a deceptive manner and for commercial purposes.

The Web site includes the statement: "You have reached the site of Keith Urban. To those who don't know, oil painting is one of my hobbies." It then directs viewers to a gallery of paintings and offers a limited edition of prints for sale.

Urban -- whose Web address is -- argues that the New Jersey man is misleading people into believing the Web site belongs to him and is selling merchandise as if it were produced or endorsed by him.

He accuses the painter of federal trademark infringement, dilution of a federally registered trademark, federal unfair competition and violation of the anti-cybersquatting consumer protection act and the Tennessee consumer protection act.

The New Jersey Urban didn't respond to an e-mail sent Tuesday through his Web site seeking comment.

The lawsuit doesn't specify monetary damages, but it seeks transfer of the address to the 39-year-old country singer and an injunction barring the painter from operating a Web site that suggests any relationship with him.

Urban, whose full name is Keith Lionel Urban, married Nicole Kidman last year. He recently completed three months of treatment for alcohol abuse.

His hits include "Stupid Boy," "Making Memories of Us" and "Who Wouldn't Want to Be Me." He is preparing to launch a world tour this spring for his latest album, "Love, Pain & the whole crazy thing."