Keke Palmer Wore Pants Plastered With Leonardo DiCaprio's Face

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Keke Palmer


Leonardo DiCaprio fans, meet your new queen. 

Keke Palmer took her devotion to the Oscar-winning actor to new heights Friday. She stepped out on the streets of New York City wearing PVC lace-up pants plastered with cutout photos of Titanic-era Leo affixed to the getup with silver pins.


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The pants were just one element of a full DiCaprio-inspired ensemble, which also featured images of roses (a nod to Titanic's Rose?) and "Capulet" embroidered on the back of a sleeveless PVC top — a reference to the actor's role in 1996's Romeo and Juliet. The day prior, Palmer rocked a denim bikini top featuring a similar image of DiCaprio and a rose affixed with the same silver pins. Clearly, her devotion knows no bounds. 

The Scream Queens actress posted a full series of photos to Instagram to give fans a view from every angle. Namilia, a German brand operating in Berlin and New York, took credit for the look, which was part of its spring 2017 collection. "When you're a happy girl living the black woman experience," read one of Palmer's Instagram captions. Keep on keeping on, Keke. 


A photo posted by Laurennnn Palmer (@kekepalmer) on


A photo posted by Laurennnn Palmer (@kekepalmer) on