Kellan Lutz Talks Super Bowl 50, Predicts This Year's Champion

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Lutz's two favorite teams — the Cardinals and the Patriots — won't be facing off, so the actor looks at the current standoff between the Broncos and the Panthers.

The Twilight star and football fanatic won't see his two favorite teams (Cardinals and Patriots) duke it out in Super Bowl 50, but he tells The Hollywood Reporter, "I'm obsessed with football, especially going to the Super Bowl any year I can."

With Lutz hoping to attend this year's Super Bowl, THR caught up with the actor, who breaks down the pros of both the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers and predicts who might win it all. 

What have been your favorite memories from the Super Bowl over the years? 

I'm obsessed with football, especially going to the Super Bowl any year I can. I've been grateful enough to go to quite a few Super Bowls this past decade. A couple of my favorite memories that stick out are from Super Bowl XLIV in Miami, Florida. I love Miami! The New Orleans Saints won, and this win came shortly after all the devastation that occurred during Hurricane Katrina. When the final seconds expired, both teams' fans were so happy that New Orleans won! They needed it. Also Super Bowl XLIX in Glendale, Arizona. I grew up in Arizona so it was a no-brainer I would go to this one and bring a bunch of my friends along to show them my home town as well as to go see my old Arizona friends and family. The New England Patriots are my second-favorite NFL team, as the Cardinals have my heart and support in the number one sport. It was a nail-biter of a game watching one of my favorite teams exchange leads with my best friends from Seattle's favorite team the Seahawks! We were trash-talking each other the whole game and emotions ran high. Such a rush. In those final seconds Seattle was destined to score the winning touchdown when an interception happened in the end zone by New England! One of the most epic endings to a Super Bowl in history!

Will you be attending this year?

I'd love to! I'm filming The Nest here in Australia and hopefully will wrap by Feb. 4 and be on the first direct flight home and then to San Fran for all the fun!

What are you most excited about from this year's halftime show?

I love anything Coldplay does. Huge fan of their music. I also heard Beyonce will be joining them and she is one heck of a performer. 

Who are you rooting for, the Broncos or Panthers?

Since both my Cardinals and Patriots are out, I'm rooting for both Denver and Carolina. Denver because it's my father's favorite team and I took my dad to Super Bowl XLVIII in New Jersey and they got slaughtered by Seattle. It was a bummer for my dad and we sat in those stands, freezing, as we didn't have much reason to get out of our seats and celebrate for three hours since that first safety. Now for Carolina, they dominate in every position! They have built such a strong team on both sides of the ball. I really love how much Cam Newton has changed from his first year, where he had a bit of an ego and it showed in my opinion, to this year where he is so selfless, giving and has grown so much! He sure knows how to get fans excited. All in all, I just pray that it's a close game and not a slaughter by any team, but I have a feeling Carolina is going to win. 

Do you agree with Lutz's prediction? Are you rooting for the Broncos or Panthers? Are you wishing the Patriots or Cardinals made it to Super Bowl 50? Battle it out in the comments below.