Kellan Lutz Wields Lightning Whip in 'Hercules: The Legend Begins' Trailer (Video)

Anyone with a soft spot for "300" or Starz' "Spartacus" will find a place in their shlock-loving hearts for it.

Kellan Lutz's commitment to B-movie beefcake immortality continues with this, the first trailer for the optimistically subtitled, Hercules: The Legend Begins. The actor/model's pectorals are on prodigious display in the costume action-drama, directed by 1980s mainstay Renny Harlin (Die Hard 2, Cliffhanger).

VIDEO: NYCC: Kellan Lutz Previews 'Hercules' Teaser Trailer 

Anyone with a soft spot for 300 or Starz' Spartacus -- whose star Liam McIntyre fills a supporting role here -- will find a place in their shlock-loving hearts for the overblown dialogue ("Where is your strength now, half-god?!") and CGI-drenched gladiatorial showdowns. Stick around long enough and you'll even catch a glimpse of Herky's nifty lightning whip.

But will Hercules ever see the light of day? The release, from Nu Image and Avi Lerner's Millennium Films -- the studio behind the Expendables series (Lutz appears in the next installment) -- is due out sometime in 2014, pitting it against Brett Ratner's Hercules: The Thracian Wars for Paramount and MGM, in which Dwayne Johnson stars as the mythic muscleman.

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But for hardcore Lutzophiles, this Hercules looks to be essential viewing, and deserves a place on the DVD shelf alongside his motion-capture Tarzan -- assuming that one ever sees a release, too.