Kelly Ripa Talks Regis, Debates Mark Consuelos on Anthony Weiner's NYC Mayoral Run (Video)

The "Live!" host spoke with THR about the city's hottest news -- the potential rise of former Rep. Anthony Weiner -- and says she hasn't seen Regis since he left the show.

Maybe the drastic shift in her co-host hasn't changed things for Kelly Ripa as much as one might think.

After almost a dozen years sitting next to Regis Philbin on Live!, Ripa took the lead on the daytime talk show, auditioning a blizzard of possible replacements before finally landing on ex-NFL great Michael Strahan. The transition has gone on without a hitch, as the pair were included as part of THR's annual 35 Most Powerful People in Media list, released Wednesday. At the party celebrating the issue's honorees, Ripa rattled off several similarities between her 81-year-old former co-host and her new 41-year-old sidekick.

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"Well they’re both incredible storytellers," Ripa said, "They are both fiercely competitive, and they’re both incredible football players."

Presumably, she was joking about that last part (though Regis is a huge booster for Notre Dame). As for whether she's kept in touch with Philbin, she said simply, "I haven't seen him, no."

Ripa also spoke with THR about the city's biggest news of the day: Former Rep. Anthony Weiner, who left office in 2011 after a sexting scandal, made clear that he was considering a run for Mayor of New York.

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Asked whether she thinks he should run, Ripa said, "Sure, why not?" Her husband, Mark Consuelos, wasn't so gung-ho on the idea, though. "Save everybody’s time and money," he said, showing some disgust with the rebounding politician.

Still, Ripa was unbowed.

"I say why not ... I love a political Cinderella story."