Kelly Ripa Debuts Superheroine Hair

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Kelly Ripa

Her colorist shares the inspiration for her pink-to-blue transformation.

Petite talk show host Kelly Ripa has proved once again she’s no basic blonde. It’s a summer of mane makeovers for the star. Michael Strahan’s other TV half first took her bob bright pink, and now she’s gone true blue.

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"The pink was faded, and she was back to blond and ready to play again," says Ryan Trygstad, Ripa’s go-to stylist at Sally Hershberger Downtown, NYC. "I know when she wants to do something, but I never know what until I get a text the day of. She’ll send a color name and idea, and I’ll make it happen."


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The colorist adds that he expected Ripa to go more red, but instead, "she saw some pictures of blue and wanted to try it because it’s something she’s never done before. We love finding inspiration on Pinterest." Surely her kids are digging it.

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Trygstad calls her new hue "superhero blue because she said she feels empowered by such a bold color!" In fact, it’s a mix of five different azure shades, from teal to midnight. Yet it only took a couple hours. "We started with a single process, and then I balayaged the ends to be a bit lighter. I then layered some other hues for depth and went for a darker midnight blue in the back and underneath."


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While the stylist does say Ripa is genetically gifted with healthy hair that doesn’t damage easily, he is planning on mixing her a custom conditioner to maintain the look for as long as possible, since such a strong color fades quickly. In the meantime, does this make her the first blue-tressed morning-show host ever?