Dress du Jour: Kelly Rowland's Power Suit Makes Us Green With Envy

kelly rowland - Getty - H 2016
Getty Images

Suited up for breakfast.

The Suit: An emerald green pantsuit with a deep V blazer and flared trousers from the Akris spring 2017 collection.

The Wearer: Kelly Rowland

The Event: The Hollywood Reporter's Women in Entertainment Breakfast, presented by Lifetime, was held Wednesday morning at Milk Studios in Hollywood. The performer joined Tina Fey (who was honored with the Sherry Lansing Leadership Award), Megyn Kelly (who delivered the opening remarks), Niecy Nash, Susan Sarandon and Emma Stone at the annual event.

Why It Matters: It's been the year of the pantsuit, thanks in part to Hillary Clinton, who made it her signature look from the day she accepted her historic Democratic nomination to become the first female presidential major-party nominee to the day she voted on Election Day. Despite Clinton's loss, there's no doubt that her supporters are continuing to pay tribute to her and her powerful style. (Look no further than the Facebook group Pantsuit Nation for proof.)

Perhaps that's why Rowland's outfit choice couldn't come at a more fitting time, especially for a gathering dedicated to celebrating influential women. Though formal for a breakfast, the suit's sophisticated appeal was balanced with a sexy low neckline. Rowland completed her power suit with a bright pink Ports 1961 coat and layered gold necklaces.