Kellyanne Conway Used Cards to Defend Trump Jr. Against Collusion Accusations on 'Hannity'

Kellyanne on Hannity - Screengrab - H 2017

The White House rep's signs were quickly made into memes on social media.

Kellyanne Conway continued to make the TV news rounds to defend Donald Trump Jr. amid the latest Russia controversy involving the president's son.

Trump Jr. had a meeting with a Russian lawyer with government connections in an attempt to secure information about Hillary Clinton, a move that has critics accusing him of collusion. That's not how Conway sees it, and she brought rhyming visual aides to help make her point while being interviewed by Sean Hannity on his eponymous Fox News program Wednesday night.

"So I just want to review, in case you run out of time, this is how I see it so far," said Conway. "This is to help all the people at home."

The White House spokeswoman brought out a sheet of paper with the words "Conclusion? Collusion" on it, and "Collusion" was crossed out. "What's the conclusion? Collusion? No, we don't have that yet," she said, prompting Hannity to laugh.

"I see illusion and delusion," added Conway, bringing out a second paper with those words on it to emphasize her point. "So just so we're clear everyone, four words," she said. "Conclusion, collusion: no. Illusion, delusion: yes" 

"I just thought we would have some fun with words," said Conway.

Conway was teased on social media for the display, and since she held up white sheets of paper that are easily Photoshopped, multiple memes were created to mock her. Her use of cards was also compared to the famous Love Actually scene.