Kelsey Grammer, Peter Krause Reveal Gross-Out Acting Moments (Video)

Issue 22 Grammer Krause Split - H 2012
Wesley Mann

Issue 22 Grammer Krause Split - H 2012

The "Boss" and "Parenthood" actors discuss ill-timed instances of gastronomic pain and flatulence during THR's drama actors roundtable.

The worst thing an actor can do while performing apparently isn’t forgetting one’s lines.

Emmy-contenders Peter Krause (Parenthood) and Kelsey Grammer (Boss ) shared stories of ill-timed gastronomic issues during The Hollywood Reporter’s Emmy round table discussion, including one unfortuante onstage bathroom accident.

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“I was doing summer stock in Woodstock, New York, and unbeknownst to me, we shouldn't have been drinking the well water,” Krause recalled. “It's in a barn, I'm wearing a tuxedo and in incredible gastronomic pain. Things progress, I'm in a panic, and I soil myself.”

Krause, who spoke alongside drama lead Emmy contenders Bryan Cranston, Jon Hamm, and others, called it his “most terrifying experience” as an actor.

Not to be outdone, Grammer spoke about playing the prince Florizel in William Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale. Grammer’s moment came during a wedding scene, in which his bride is lying on the ground.

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“There's a circle of people around, and there's chanting and drums,” Grammer said. “There's a great silence as I, the young prince, go to lift up my bride-to-be. I bent down and slid my hands underneath and (makes flatulence noise).”

Watch the uncensored video of Krause, Grammer, and the other contenders below.