Ken Bone Gets His 15th Minute of Fame, Thanks to Izod

Ken Bone Kimmel - H
ABC/Jimmy Kimmel Live

Bone (and his red sweater) are back.

Just like checkered slip-on Vans, Ken Bone is the trend that never dies. 

The undecided voter from Belleville, Illinois, has stepped back into the spotlight for his 15th (16th?) minute of fame, partnering with Izod for a short film in which he expresses his shock about his overnight internet fame and also encourages his fellow Americans to get out and vote. 

The short takes viewers through a day in the life of the round-bellied, mustachioed man, from getting dressed in the morning (plucking a red Izod sweater from a closet overflowing with them, because of course) and getting chased by rabid fans vying for a selfie to capturing the day's moments with his trusty disposable camera.  

"We keep looking at each other and thinking, 'Is this really happening?'" adds Bone's wife, who makes a cameo in the short. "It's just a sweater!" 

Bone told THR that he will continue to ham it up for the spotlight until the public grows tired of him — which, apparently, has not happened yet, even in the midst of his disturbing, unearthed Reddit comments about Jennifer Lawrence's nude photo leak. 

"I don't think I'm going to continue to be internet famous forever," he reiterates in the video. "That's not my expectation." 

More importantly, Bone just wants those that still proudly wear their "Bone Zone" merch to get out and vote. "It's really important that we don't give up on the political process," he says. 

Watch the video below: