Ken Jeong Delivers String of Apologies for Alex Rodriguez in ESPY Skit

From Jon Snow's death to the water shortage in California, Jeong apologized for everything but A-Rod's steroid use as the Yankee stood next to him onstage.

In a move reminiscent of Key & Peele's Anger Translator skit, the 2015 ESPYs tapped Ken Jeong to deliver a heartfelt apology for known steroids user and New York Yankees designated hitter Alex Rodriguez. Jeong and A-Rod were joined onstage by Jeong's Community co-star and ESPY host Joel McHale as the bit began.

"He has returned this spring humbled and focused," Jeong began, "so he has hired me to make this statement of apology on his behalf."

And in a regal tone, Jeong tallied off Rodriguez's offenses. "I'm sorry that Jon Snow died on the season finale of Game of Thrones. And I'm sorry I just spoiled that for some of you. I'm sorry for the water shortage in California and the economic collapse in Greece."

The misdirection jokes were interspersed between Jeong and McHale's banter, the two clicking into a natural state of mutual disdain. Meanwhile, A-Rod stood there clammed up in his typically tense way.

"I think Alex might have something a little more obvious to apologize for," McHale pointed out, though Rodriguez had apologized to Yankees fans at the beginning of the season and has rebounded nicely after serving a year suspension, earning a nomination for Comeback Player of the Year at this year's awards. 

"Maybe those weren't the apologies you were expecting," Jeong rebuttled, "but he's just getting warmed up. He's done carrying all his guilt on his shoulders.

"I'm sorry for carrying all of this guilt on my shoulders," he continued. "I'm sorry for gluten, I invented it. I'm sorry you can't run near a swimming pool. I, Alex Rodriguez, slipped and fell once and now its a rule everywhere. I also apologize to Knicks season ticket holders, Knicks individual game holders, and people who watch The Knick on Cinemax."