Ken Ziffren on Which Wine to Gift to "Reflect Well on You"

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Bremer Family Winery; Schrader Cellars; Inset: Michael Kovac/WireImage

A top entertainment attorney and wine collector draws inspiration from his personal cellar to suggest the finest bottles for the holidays.

If you’re in a libatious mood with the holidays coming, you should be thinking of gifting high-quality California cabernet sauvignon to thank appropriate persons within the entertainment industry.

Cabernet, because it is red (not white — red is so much better with meats, fowl and the like), preferably from Napa (king of the roost, as opposed to Sonoma or blends) and, for snob appeal, it would be very clever if the gift was not rated by Robert Parker (because no one could check up on your taste or challenge you on the ratings — it happens).

Obviously, the offering will have to be one that is suitable for your pocketbook as well as for the supposed or real status of the recipient, as well as your relationship to him/her.

So, with these factors in mind:

For your team (lawyer, business manager or other professional): Try Double Diamond ($70). Powerful, roasted earth, ink, open at least an hour before tasting.

For those you admire (TV hyphenate, director, stand-up comic): Bremer Howell Mountain — rich, well-balanced, full bodied and comes in various varieties ($65-$95).

For the top of the heap (studio or network head, political pundit, chairman of the board): Tusk. Expensive cult wine with a two-year waiting list ($600), black fruit, amazing color and scrumptious.

Where can you find these? Best bet is to contact the winery itself, although some of these are in retail outlets. But they’re all very classy and will reflect well on you and the recipient. 

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