Kendall Jenner Walked on Water, Simultaneously Gave Great Side Eye

Fendi Roma 90 Year Fashion Show Kendall Jenner P 2016
Victor Boyko/Getty Images

This is why she's a Fendi supermodel.

Karl Lagerfeld has been called a great number of things (not all of them positive, as PETA would like to remind you), but "miracle worker" is a new one.

However, he might as well be christened as such considering he pulled off a feat of feats: walking on water. And not just on any water, but Rome's iconic Trevi Fountain, which the Kaiser converted into a high fashion runway for Fendi's Roma 90 Year Anniversary runway show, which was also the Italian fashion house's second Haute Fourrure show. The presentation followed an extensive renovation of the fountain, paid for in part by Fendi.

Kendall Jenner opened the dreamy show, dubbed "Legends and Fairy Tales," in an embellished indigo coat dress and red booties, strutting across the fountain in front of a stylish audience that included Kate Hudson and Derek Blasberg. However, the scene-stealing moment (in our humble opinions) was when she stepped out in her second look and turned her gaze mid-walk toward the crowd to dish out the the ultimate side eye. Bella Hadid, who closed the show, also gave her fiercest sidelong gaze — a true testament to both ladies' supermodel prowess. 

LOOK BACK AT IT: Bella Hadid walks on the Trevi Fountain in Rome for Fendi's 90 Year Anniversary show on July 7. (Photo: Venturelli/Getty Images)

WALKIN' ON WATER: Models on the Fendi runway 
for Fendi's 90 Year Anniversary show on July 7. (Photo: Victor Boyko/Getty Images Entertainment)